What they do.Edit

As an IT support staff member you will be working with like minded and similarly skilled people. As a member of a company's IT support staff will be expected to deal with the all the IT related issues which can range from built up dirt in a keyboard stopping a space bar from working to helping to maintain a company's servers.

Within this role certain problem may require you to think on your feet while staying calm under the pressure to deliver a working solution to problem. In this day and age where computers are central to nearly everything that goes on in the world, means being an expert in computers has never been better as they are need more than ever and are more appreciated.

What you will be doing: Edit

IT support staff deal with every computer related problem within a company.

Common Tasks for IT support staff:

  • Managing user passwords
  • Installing and configuring anti-virus
  • Maintaining Servers
  • Updating applications
  • Logging issues and identifying treads

IT staff more than ever are needed almost everywhere and their work is now more valued and respected.

What tools they use.Edit

Tools are important when it comes to IT support be it physicals tools that aid in the maintance and repair of computer to online tools which aid in the maintance of the online aspects of IT support.

Physical tools:

Compressed air canisters which help clear dust and dirt from hard to reach places.

Cable ties which have many uses most importantly cable management.

Different types of screwdrivers which are used to loosen screws.

Wire stripper and Crimp one is used to removed the insulation of a wire the other is used to connect wires together.

Tweezers are used to hold and move small parts without losing them.

Online tools:

Virtual box: Is a pogram which emulates a operating system so that new software can be tested for problems before rolling it out to the computer systems within a bussiness.

Bugzilla: Is a which is used to track and log bugs this aids in the management of bugs.

Notepad++: A simple program that allows for small edits of code.

The tools of an IT technician are not always very technical or expensive.

Their impact on a company. Edit

Without IT staff the modern bussiness world would look alot different. IT staff allow normally the most important aspect of a bussiness, its computer systems to run smoothly. Having a good IT team makes a big difference within a company. An owner of a company will rest easy knowing the IT side of his bussiness is taken care of allowing them to focus on other aspects of the bussiness.